A vintage style wedding is something which a lot of people intend to have. This is because traditional-style weddings are well received by lots of people and a lot of people like the romantic and classic vibes a vintage style wedding seems to give. If you are interested in knowing the things you need for a perfect vintage style wedding, continue reading as we have gathered lots of useful information to make a future bride and groom’s planning for their big day a little bit easier.

A vintage looking wedding car

The mode of transport you choose to travel to and from your wedding venue is something which is a memorable part of your wedding. Many brides and grooms have different preferences for wedding vehicles, some may choose a traditional horse and carriage and some may prefer a vintage-looking Rolls Royce or a Bentley. If you are aiming to follow a vintage style theme, you will most likely be looking for an old-style looking vehicle.

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The wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III featured a beautiful Rolls Royce that was fit for a Hollywood Icon and Royalty. It is a good idea to take inspiration

from high profile celebrity weddings to get inspiration from the sort of style wedding you would like to have.

Many people chose to hire their wedding cars, but if you are looking to have a constant reminder of your special day, why not sell my car or even your van and trade in it for a newer car of your choice.

A vintage style wedding dress

Most brides will agree that choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important purchasing decisions they will make for their wedding. For a bride who is looking to purchase a vintage style dress, they will notice that there are lots of modern vintage looking dresses on the market to purchase.

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In 2011, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore an Alexander McQueen vintage lace style wedding dress which many brides in the UK and US have taken inspiration from, even over ten years later the dress is still a big inspiration for many brides who love the Royal regal look.

The beauty of today’s ease of online shopping allows many brides of varying price budgets to purchase the style of dress of their choice. Wedding dresses do not need

to be brand new, sometimes a second-hand wedding dress meets the exact requirements of a bride’s dream wedding dress.

Some high street retailers have even launched their own wedding dress ranges, which are affordable and they mimic the styles of more expensive designer versions of bridal gowns, this shows that nowadays a wedding dress doesn’t always have to be an ultra extravagant purchase.

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A vintage-style venue

Most brides and grooms tend to choose their wedding venue first before they make any of their other purchases. This is because some people believe the wedding venue is the most important purchase for the big day. If you are looking to add a vintage touch to your wedding day, it is important to choose a wedding venue that reflects a vintage-looking style.

You may wish to choose an old castle to host your ceremony and even your reception afterwards. The beauty of using an old castle as your wedding venue is that you can usually get a good deal, as many castle owners are eager to hire out their venue.

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However, if you feel that an old castle isn’t the type of place you’d like to host your wedding, it may be a good idea to consider using a Manor House or a fancy hotel as they are a bit more modern and they usually have in house venue decorators and caters on-site, so if you are looking for little organisation and hassle from your part, it is a good idea to purchase decorations, food and drink packages.

DIY decorations

If you decide that you want to be in charge of decorating your wedding venue, there are lots of ways that you can create beautiful vintage looking decorations, easily for the little cost involved.

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As you can see in the image above, someone has cleverly taken the initiative to fill light bulbs with water to be used as a holder for small flowers. We can imagine this was very cheap to do as they probably already had most of the materials at home.

If you have a smaller budget for wedding decorations, not to worry as there are many wedding day decorations ‘hacks’ that can give you an expensive design look for little cost.

Candles are a good example of something which is low cost but effective. You can easily pick up simple design candles from discount shops or art and craft stores. The

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beauty of using candles as part of your decorations is that they can easily be customised to fit your theme and they add lighting to rooms, so they have lots of uses which makes them a valuable piece of decoration for your wedding day.

Bridesmaid dresses

Picking the right bridesmaids dresses can be a tricky challenge. This is because sometimes it can be difficult to cater to everyone’s shape, size and preference of style of dress. Sometimes bridesmaid dresses can cause arguments between the bride and her bridesmaids, but if you choose simply designed bridesmaid dresses that are flattering for every shape and size, there shouldn’t be any issues.

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If you are looking for vintage style dresses for your bridesmaids to wear. It is a good idea to use gowns that have lots of lace on them as this helps to create a glamorous yet understated look, as lace was commonly used on special occasion gowns hundreds of years ago.

Suits for the Groom and the Best Man

In this article we have put lots of emphasis on how important it is for brides to purchase the dress of their dreams, but what about the Groom? He has a big part of the day, doesn’t he?

Whilst grooms tend to be a bit more relaxed about purchasing a suit for themself and their best man, it is still important to them to find a suit which is suitable for their big day.

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If you are following a set theme for your big day, it is important that your groom’s suit is of the same style. For instance, if you are intending on having a 1920’s Peaky Blinders themed wedding, your groom needs to have a suit that was fashionable in the 1920s.

For grooms, there are many places where they can purchase or hire a suit for the day. They can even walk in a high street clothing retailer and pick out their suit for under £100! Once the groom and best man have their suits sorted you are pretty much good to go!

Create a vintage dress code for guests

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If you want to make an impact and to create fun memories and photos to look back on, then it’s a good idea to suggest a dress code to your guests. The image above is of a lady who is dressed up in the Art Deco 1920’s style. This is an example of a dress code that seems to work well for special occasions- especially those of a vintage style.

Other examples of vintage themes can include:

  • ●  1950’s American style- which is synonymous with the likes of Elvis Presley.
  • ●  1930’s Parisian style- which includes vintage looking french items which are

usually known as ‘Shabby Chic.’

  • ●  1960’s “Swinging Sixties”- Includes lots of bold colours and patterns and high
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hair with heavy make-up, the supermodel Twiggy is a good example of this


  • ●  1980s disco theme- this is ideal for those who are not looking for such a

formal style occasion, just a bit of informal fun!

Final thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our top tips for creating a vintage style wedding. If you are a future bride or groom, we hope these tips will help make your life a bit easier! Keep your eyes peeled for some more useful blogs which are yet to come!


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