As much as Indian weddings are about celebrating the love and union of two souls, it is also about dolling up at your fashionable best and getting clicked in a ton of poses and at every possible corner of the wedding venue. And that’s where gorgeous photo booth designs come into play.

Much like the phera mandap or the couple stage, having a stunning and unique photo booth installed is a must! Whether it is a simplistic walled backdrop or an elaborately done personalized setup, a huge or a cutesy little corner as per your wedding scale, adds an unparalleled charm to the entire wedding decor. Which is why it is also essential to choose the right kind of photo booth design that doesn’t end up taking away from your soiree.

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And to aid you with truckloads of captivating photo booth inspiration for your revelries, both intimate and big-fat, we fished out some latest designs and ideas that you wouldn’t want to miss pinning at all. Achieve great success with minimal effort, buy instagram likes and get guaranteed high exposure on your posts.

Get, set, screenshot!

  1. Of floral arches

A heavenly floral arch done in prettiest of hues is one of the most popular photo booth designs. It will also work as a backdrop for your jaimala or ring ceremony and is a perfect pick for intimate weddings. It really doesn’t take much space as well.

  1. Entrance photo ops
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Entrance easels placed amidst a beautiful setup also doubles up as a unique photo op to get yourself clicked at. They are a great pick for intimate weddings or where no huge spaces are available. So instead of just having welcome signage, incorporate more elements along with creating a photo booth out of it


  1. That Rajasthani charm

We absolutely love this traditional photo booth design curated with colorful umbrellas, earthen pots, and marigold floral decorations. You just cannot give this a miss! If you want to incorporate this in your backyard wedding, then choose a smaller version of this and maybe go sans marigold elements too

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Decor: Fireflies

  1. Go all Earthy

A flawless Boho-rustic photo booth design done in earthy hues, pampas, and subtle hued flowers, this setup is going to be a sure shot charmer at your revelries. It’s a perfect contemporary design that’ll satiate your artistic sensibilities and your desire for something out of the box.

Decor: Finesse Decor Company

  1. The Bohemian Rhapsody

This setup is what you need for a Boho themed mehndi or wedding ceremony and it’s surely going to grab all eyeballs. Complete with pretty planters, a jute backdrop, a quirky seating, and a cactus, this is clearly the best!

Planner: The A-Cube Project

  1. The monogram game

Getting a monogram installation like this done at the entrance or around the venue anywhere will not only work as a pretty photo booth but also add a personal touch to your soiree. You can also DIY this for your home ceremonies using cardboard cutouts decked up with flowers and potted plants set up around to enhance it all up!

  1. Personalized setup
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We absolutely vouch for this personalized rustic photo booth design that’s decked up in dainty greens and lights. And again, this can also perfectly double up as a ring ceremony or even an open mandap backdrop making it quite safe for small weddings.

  1. Beauty galore

Set against black and white stripe walls and checkered floor, this rustic yet chic photo op is one beauteous charmer. For how the barrels, wooden boxes, and those purple hydrangeas add umpteens to the setup, we can’t stop drooling over it!

Planner: KKings Weddings & Events


Decor: DreamzKrraft


  1. Just DIY it!

This colorful yet serene photo booth is perfect if you want to do some gorgeous DIY for your wedding. Purchase those wooden boxes from fruit and vegetable vendors and paint them up. Add potted plants and other quirky elements (optional), and voila, you’re done! For that matter, going less on the boxes is one way to mute done this setup a bit for your terrace or at a home garden wedding

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Image: Recall Pictures


Planner: Baraati Inc.


  1. Wreath seating

While a simple all flower or rustic wreath would make for a trendy photo booth design, adding a beautiful lounge chair in front is only going to add to it further. And this amazing setup can be done even at your backyard wedding.

Planner: Shanqh Luxury Events


  1. Aesthetic backdrops

Most of the time, it is your ceremonial backdrops that double up as the prettiest of photo ops ever. For instance, this backdrop done in banana leaves accentuated with floral lotus pastings would make any picture look perfect.


Image: The Cheesecake Project

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Decor: Fireflies


  1. Elaborate corners

Intricately detailed corners or setups that not only work as a photo booth but also add to your space are always a win! For how they take your ceremony’s vibe a notch above is beyond unbeatable.


Planner: KV Decor

  1. Modernly traditional

Set against a contrasting white wall, this colorful and all marigold photo booth design amped up with cloth dreamcatchers and puppets is a total bomb! Coupled with ladders done in pastel-hued flowers, this is a great mix of new age and conventional.

  1. Foliage neon walls

Heavily incorporated in weddings, big-fat and intimate alike, all foliage walls with the couple’s names or hashtag done in neon LED lights are a showstopper. They look absolutely bewitching and work both as a ceremonial backdrop and a trendy photo booth design.

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Planner: Eventfully Yours

  1. Jazzed up Punjabi vibes

For a typical Punjabi ceremony, a wall or a backdrop done in bright colored drapes, blingy embellishments or strings, and other quirky elements should be your go-to. For how Punjabis like to keep their ceremonies upbeat, we know this is going to make it to so many brides’ bookmarks.


  1. Minimalism at its best

Because it’s the age of “less is in”, this latest photo booth design is the best! Whether you’d be hosting a beachside ceremony or an indoors intimate one, this backdrop is beyond perfect. And of course, for both taking pictures and exchanging rings or jaimalas again!

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Image: Infinite Memories

Decor: With Love Noor

  1. For bridal portraits

How about having a specific backdrop for all those bridal portraits, bridesmaid shoot, and ‘before walking down the aisle’ family photos?! For how this backdrop with ‘Bride’ written in roses is accompanied with antique vessels with floral arrangements, this minimal setup is so enchanting!


  1. Nuclea’s Bass Rani

Themed around Nuclea’s Bass Rani, this vibrant and quirky dance floor backdrop is what you need to get those swag pictures clicked against! It’s so upbeat it’ll have your guests swooning over this for sure!


  1. The floral elegance

A rustic backdrop decorated in white & yellow flowers and pretty greens, this popular photo booth design is bound to grab all eyeballs. Decked up bottles cascading through dainty strings make this setup such a whimsical one.

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Planner: Shanqh Luxury Events


  1. Unique installations

Having quirky installations incorporated in your wedding decor works wonders to elevate the vibe of your soiree. They don’t just add to it all but also work as a great and unique photo op that people wouldn’t want to miss getting clicked with. Have huge life size installations if your venue space is big and infuse relatively smaller ones for an intimate wedding.

Decor: Altair Decor

Planner: DreamzKraft

  1. Wreath setup

While incorporating a wreath is the way to go if you want a minimal photo booth design, infusing it with other elements along with it is what you need if you want to go all OTT. For instance, this rustic white flower wreath setting which includes barrels, lamps, fairy lights, & wooden boxes is an opulent pick.

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Planner: Shanqh Luxury Events

  1. A fancy floral wall

A super enchanting and chic photo booth design, this floral wall boasting of wooden planters is exactly what beautiful decor dreams are made of. Period. It’s such a voguish and delightful backdrop to get clicked or get your henna done in front of.

Decor: With Love Nilma

  1. Forest themed

These faux foliage walls alternatively decked up with photo frames and words would be a great choice for a forest-themed ceremony. For a rather intimate ceremony, skip out on choosing all four parts and instead for one or two.

Planner: Enjay Events

Decor: Altair Decor

  1. Quirk it up!
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This marigold sunglass shaped photo booth design is sure to quirk up your wedding pictures and how! It is super fun and perfect for your haldi-mehndi ceremonies. A smaller version of this would also work for small scale weddings.


Decor: Seven Steps Weddings


  1. Minimally rustic

This wooden frame decked up in pretty flowers, the wedding date, and a few accents is bound to look amazing irrelevant of the space you incorporate at. For that matter, we’re totally vouching for this piece.


Planner: KV Decor

  1. Going ornately botanical

Perfect for a daytime soiree, this trendy photo booth design done in wood, flowers, ferns and foliage, and balloons should be your go-to. It is apt for any kinda event and looks super cool.

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Decor: Riches Event

  1. The wonderland

A photo booth design that’s going to entrance and literally attract guests towards itself, this setup is going to be the highlight of your ceremony. Its distinctive edge is what sets it apart and in fact, just imagine posing in-between those neon wings!!


Ranging from elegant to quirky, minimal to over the top, and chic to traditional, these varied photo booth designs would surely ideate you enough for your wedding. Pick the one that resonates with your wedding theme and your ideology the most and your guests are going to love it!


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