The popularity of pop-up canopy tents is growing rapidly as a popular advertising medium due to their convenience and versatility. Canopy tents are capable of providing elegant and elaborate advertising space for different promotional occasions. From farmer’s markets to social gatherings, promotional trade shows, and music festivals, you can see the pop-up canopy tents everywhere.

However, the purchasing process of canopy tents isn’t easy. You need to remember a few points. Before you start shopping for pop-up canopy tents for your upcoming promotional event, you need to consider some essential factors. Considering these factors is extremely important so that you can choose the perfect canopy tents for your business. Many business owners make some common mistakes while choosing canopy tents. As they are one of the most valuable investments of your business, you need to pick them carefully. Here are the top 3 factors you should consider before buying 10*10 canopy tents.

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How Frequently You Will Use the Pop-Up Tent?

Depending on how frequently you’ll be using your pop-up tent, make sure you purchase a high-quality and durable canopy tent as per your marketing budget. Sometimes you might want to use the canopy tents for temporary promotional purposes whereas; other times they are your permanent marketing technique. For occasional uses, consider purchasing aluminum or steel canopy tents for your business. For marketers and business owners who participate in trade shows frequently, sturdy and commercial pop-up tents that are weather-resistant are perfect for their business. If you want to receive a high return on investment, make sure you purchase high-quality canopy tents that can withstand various outdoor materials. As per Call rail, ROI is a key performance indicator. Choosing a high-quality canopy tent means minimal maintenance and less hassle.

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Do You Need to Use Fire-Rated Canopies?

The municipalities of many cities implement stricter rules and regulations when it comes to installing canopy tents for indoor and outdoor promotional purposes. While registering your business for a particular event or trade show, the organizers will inform you about certain rules that you need to follow. Most trade shows will ask you if your indoor canopy tents are made of fabric and fire-rated material. If your canopy tent is fire-rated, they will allow you to use it. However, they will ask you replace to your marketing strategy if the canopy tent is not fire-rated. Therefore, make sure your canopy pop up tents have fire-resistance standards. This way you can them without facing any legal problems.

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Where Do You Want to Use the Canopy Tents?

Make sure you determine the location where you’ll be using your pop-up canopy tents. Depending on the placement, you need to prepare your canopy tent for various outdoor elements as well as weather conditions. The canopy tent’s footplate is one of the most important components you need to consider since larger footplates will improve the resistance and stability of the tents. The footplate can be crafted from steel, aluminum, or plastic. However, it’s recommended not to use plastic footplates due to their low impact resistance and weakness. Make sure you use sandbags to increase the weight of the canopy tent.

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These are the top 3 factors you should consider while purchasing 10*10 canopy tents for your business. If you’re planning to purchase high-quality and attractive custom canopy tents, contact us today.


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