The cowboy hat is a popular name in the hat fraternity. It bears similarity with the North American Cowboy that got designed by John B. Stetson back in 1865. Getting inspired from the Mexican culture during the 19th century, the cowboy hat designs have evolved. From being a felt hat today, it has become a style accessory known for its durability and the ability to provide reasonable protection from the sun. The new-age cowboy hats aren’t similar to the style that got popularized by Mr. Stetson. Even though it remains unchanged, it has evolved over the years.

Understanding the design of the cowboy hat

Initially, the design of the cowboy hat had a wide flat brim and a tall rounded crown. It used to get made of felt, and today it also gets made of straw and sometimes leather. The hat has a simple sweat band within the hat that can add stability when one wears it. The new-age hat makers can customize the hat, which starts at the crown crease and moves to the brim roll. That’s what differentiates the modern cowboy hat from the earlier ones. Some hat makers also add a decorative hat band that accentuates its features. Today, the hat makers manufacture the hat in any shade. However, the conventional cowboy hats are available in shades of black, brown, and beige. Today, many service providers specialize in straw cowboy hats as well.

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The new-age cowboy hats get embellished with buckles and bows on the hat band’s left side. Also, this hat variant shifted from to a practical accessory to a fashion statement rather fast because of the western movies. Popular entertainers such as John Wayne and Tom Mix impacted the cowboy hat market and added to its trend quotient.

Ways to determine the cowboy hat style

Usually, the hat crease adds a specific character that allows the wearer to identify with a particular subculture. Also, the crease allows the wearer to remove or don the hat by holding the crown, instead of the brim. The hat is known for its creases. Some of the popular ones include the following:

  1. The Cattleman Crease
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It is one of the most popular and conventional creases and is perhaps the oldest as well. This crease style came into existence when the ranch owners were searching for a variation from the well-known Rodeo cowboy look. This crease has a narrow and tall crown which is about 4 inches to 5 inches tall. There is a single crease in the middle in addition to two creases towards the side. The big crown got used by people during rain or the wind.

The Cattleman Crease was also referred to as the Gentleman’s choice for this hat variant and was frequently used at parties and weddings. Many manufacturers have designed felt hats of this crease, but that’s not an exclusive design. You can also find straw cowboy hats in the cattleman crease style.

  1. The Pinch Font Crease
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This crease variant comprises of two style crowns, namely the diamond crown and the tear-drop crown. You can see both the styles on trilby’s, outback style hats, and the formal Fedoras. Also, when it comes to this crease, it is different from the classic Fedora, as the brim is bigger and it sports the conventional cowboy style. A few pinch front hats assume the form and shape of the conventional outback style as the outback or the western hat, which got blended in a single style. Usually, it’s the women who opt-in for the Pinch Front crown than the conventional cattleman crease. This pinch is suitable for delicate and narrow jawlines, giving the wearer’s face a slim appearance.

  1. The Tom/Montana crease
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Simply put, this crease got derived from the state of Montana. It is very similar to the Cattleman crease and has a few differences. The crown side indentations are small as well as less pronounced in comparison to the crown back. Also, the center dent is more pinched and pronounced on the front and less pronounced on the back. It makes the hat appear as if it is sloping down, and it rests high on the back. Its brim is much like the conventional cattleman style. Additionally, in northern areas of the United States, this hat gets known as the American Cowboy hat for a long time and has stayed exclusive for Montana and other counties near state lines. When it comes to the famous Tom Mix crease, it gets considered as a take on the prominent Montana crease, but it comes with a visible pinch at the crown front and comprises a brim that has a half-an-inch upturn.

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These are some cowboy hat creases that you need to know and research before selecting one for yourself. The online hat makers today specialize in all these creases and can customize the best hat for you.


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