Interactive content is not a recent trend. However, many brands and companies have only recently noticed the value that it can bring to their overall messaging, awareness, conversions and many other elements.


So, are you looking for a way to get more people engaged on your website?


Here is how to include interactive content on your website:

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Start with Your Target Market

No matter what you do when it comes to your content marketing strategy, you want to look at your target audience first. What would they like? What is their vision of good content? Start by creating a persona which incorporates elements of your target audience’s personality and behavior. Then strategize which type of interactive content would work well for that persona and by default, your target audience.

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Be Authentic, Unique and Useful

Interactive content needs to be unique, for one. Something that differentiates your website from all of the others. Maybe it would be an interesting calculator, a new quiz or something similar. While the format can resemble other popular and well-used formats, the content itself needs to offer something fresh and new on the market.


Next, your interactive content needs to stay true to your brand and company. Just imagine if a financial advisor website had a quirky personality quiz – would it suit their brand? Most likely not. It wouldn’t draw the right kind of attention or drive the necessary results. However, a calculator might work or even a quiz, but related to finances. This is the point, the content needs to follow the familiar brand voice.

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Finally, no content is any good without proper usefulness. You can have as many clickables, quizzes, and spinning wheels but if none of those provide a use for your readers, you won’t get much out of them. Before you make any decisions related to your content ask yourself why would anyone spend time doing that. If the answer is ‘fun’, you are on the wrong track.


Create A Good Structure

Formatting needs to be done for the interactive content as well. It provides your readers and visitors with an opportunity to scan your content in order to decide whether anything in there is useful enough for them.

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So, you should use all of the formatting options:




Bullet points

Bold or italic text

Plenty of white space

Short paragraphs

You should also be aware of incorporating the right UX design to make everything flow smoothly.


Pick A Format That Suits Your Audience

There are numerous formats for content and interactive content alike. You need to make sure that you know what your audience is looking for and then you need to pick a format that would provide both use and entertainment for them.


For content you can choose from:

Blog posts

Short news

Social media comments and stories

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Feature articles

Research/case studies

And multimedia formats like:







Gamification content

Calculators, sliders etc.

Get Some Feedback

Before you get the chance to make these options live on your website, consult some other people on your choices. For one, ask within your company, staff and so on. They are most likely a part of your target audience – at least some of them could be – and they might give you some good feedback on what is great and what could be improved. You can also select a few brand advocates or loyal customers and let them test it.

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Add Quizzes and Surveys to Your Site

Quizzes and surveys are some of the most well-known ways to introduce interactive content to your audience. Not only are they fun and engaging for your customers, but they are also amazing for gathering data and providing more targeted messaging.


You could have a personality quiz on your site but for the best effect, instead of regular results, post other content, products or services from your site that would match that person’s answers. This way, they get a great offer based on their preferences and you get a possible purchase. It’s even better if you add a discount to that mix as well or something free like a short ebook or white paper.

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Surveys, on the other hand, are there mostly for you, but you could make them fun and engaging by adding a gift or a discount at the beginning or the end of it. This way, you get the data, and the audience feels like they’ve helped out – and they’ve earned a reward as well.


Add Search, Report or Test Functions

This is another way to add interactive content but this one is more useful than fun or engaging. For instance, the search option within the text is supposed to give your readers an opportunity to expand on the subject matter without being forced to. Report or test functions could be there to test something you’ve discussed in your content –  for example, a quick test of internet speeds or a piece of software, depending on what your website is about.

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Involve The Readers with Clickable Options

Clicking is a form of interacting. However, most regular content doesn’t require much clicking at all. Interactive content that involves clickable options, does. Here is how it could work: an image with a slider which users can move to see the before and after, an animation that requires clicking for it to work etc. Anything that users can click on is useful because it involves them and keeps them on the page for longer.


Encourage Feedback From Readers

After having interactive content on your site for a while, start asking for feedback from your readers. This way, you’ll get hands-on info on whether it works well or not. You can also use some common metrics to measure the success of your content.

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Include Social Sharing

Social sharing is great because it shows your content to more people. Some interactive content is very shareable and might give you a wider reach. Place social sharing buttons on the top or the bottom of your pages. You can also use user-generated content on your site or social pages to encourage engagement.


Add Internal Links

Internal links are a great way to introduce more of your content to your readers. However, figure out a better way than just linking pieces of your text to the content – possibly an image, a video or a design option could lead your readers to other places on your site.

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Interactive content is the future of engaging visitors. Audiences don’t want to just be the silent observers, but active users of your content. This also gives them an opportunity to get more usefulness out of it. Hopefully, these tips will help.


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