Do you know how much Canadian online players spend on gambling? According to a recent estimation by the Canadian Gaming Association, Canadians spend $14 billion annually on offshore gambling websites. Players wager to win in casino games like sports betting, slots, poker, bingo, and roulette.

Conrad A. Brennan, a professor and online casino expert in Canada, compiled top tips on how to play casino game and win big. Visit his page for his other reviews.

A Beginner in an Online Casino

A Canadian player hit the jackpot on slots on Mega Moolah on January 30, 2019, and won C$20,059,287. It’s not only the biggest Canadian dollar winning but also the overall biggest jackpot in Mega Moolah.

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Many Canadians became interested since online gambling became legal and tax-free. However, gambling is still risky, even with luck, especially for a newbie. Beginners have to be familiar with online gambling before they start playing.

Here are the tips on how to play casino games and win:

Slots Online

Many players are fond of slots because of their high volatility. A machine’s volatility determines the chances of winning or losing on a bet and how often and how much participants can expect to win. Slots are easy, fast-paced, and great for casual players.

One tip on how to win at slots is to carefully read and understand the guidelines. Online slots have different rules, so it’s best to be familiar with them before playing to avoid significant losses. It is also advisable to watch slots streamers to see how they play with low and high stakes.

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Online Poker

Poker is an exciting game that needs a deep strategy in each variety. Due to its popularity, tax rules, and limited poker rooms available, online and mobile casino games in Canada have become a haven for poker action. As a result, casual and professional poker gamers choose Canada to play poker.

Gamblers need to have the best hand to win at poker, such as royal or straight flushes. Build the pot and raise more money by aggressively playing with strong hands. Don’t be afraid to fold when unsure.


Roulette is a quick and easy casino game to learn. The thrill of watching where the ball will land makes it more exciting. The game is straightforward, and players just have to place their bet on numbers or colours.

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Then, the dealer will place a ball on the spinning roulette wheel. If the ball lands on the bettor’s pick, they will win the bet. Service providers have improved roulette by implementing new betting systems. Creating different roulette bets for a more exciting game is now possible.

A great tactic to minimize your chances of losing money in roulette is to set your sights on the outside bets.

Tips on Winning in Online Casinos

After getting familiar with popular online casino games and getting winning tips, it’s now time to learn how to win casino games when gambling online.

Choose the Best and Safest Online Casinos

The player’s overall online gambling experience will depend on the casino they will play at. The quality of the games, data security, free play, fast and reliable payment transactions, and legality of these online casinos are essential to ensure that the site is secured and not fraudulent.

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Looking for a reputable site among the many online casinos can be overwhelming. But it’s vital to research those sites first and try them out for free to avoid gambling-related issues in the future.

Play Games with a High RTP

Avoid participating in overhyped casino games that just became popular because of influencers. Look for games with high or above-average RTP rates to ensure a higher amount of payback and winnings. Playing on slots with a payout percentage above 95% is recommended.

Pick Right Casino Game

The easiest way to win casino games is by playing what you are good at. If it’s a new release game, read and watch the gameplays to learn the right strategy to win.

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Raise Your Bets

Gambling with max bet and higher denominations maximizes your potential winnings. Higher stakes at table games and slots open more chances of larger winnings. Today, modern online casinos allow players to set time and betting limits.

Always Be Responsible in Gaming

Participate in online casino games with a mindset of only playing for entertainment. To avoid bankruptcy, stop gambling after a big win, never chase losses, and only stake money that you can afford to lose.


Playing at online casinos is a way to earn extra money online. Canadians have to pay taxes if gambling is their primary source of income. However, that doesn’t mean a player can’t look or use gameplay tricks and strategies to have frequent wins and avoid defeats.


You’ll have a great gambling experience if you know how to win real money without losing yourself. Use these simple tips as an advantage and enjoy gambling online.


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