Effective and strategic home security can be tricky. You might find yourself getting overwhelmed by the many different options available, or not knowing where to begin. Taking things one step at a time can be helpful in this situation.

Security should ideally begin outdoors since a lot of the threats to your home are external. Once that part of your home is relatively safer, you can begin to gradually increase indoor safety as well. Outdoor security is important because there are both natural and manmade dangers that can harm your home.

The main thing to focus on with outdoor security would be to improve surveillance. By adding gadgets that can help you monitor your home with greater ease, you automatically make your home less approachable. These gadgets can be controlled remotely for quick and easy access. Another way to efficiently control your smart security system is by using a Google voice assistant for laptops or other portable smart gadgets.

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The following are the gadgets included in the outdoor security starter package by FirstEnergy for your convenience.

Why Get a Package?

Getting a package is usually better than purchasing an individual gadget. This applies to situations where you need more than one gadget, and those you require are being offered as part of a bundle.

Packages are meant for a homeowner’s convenience. They save you time and money, and can even hint at which gadgets from a particular company would work best together. This way, you won’t have to spend several tedious hours trying to figure out which gadget would pair well with the ones you’ve already bought.

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A package comes with its own set of perks which are often unavailable with individual purchases.

Sengled Outdoor Motion-Sensor Floodlight

This is one of the best lights for weatherproof outdoor home security. A floodlight is a great way to drive away intruders at nighttime in an efficient way. It notifies you as soon as motion is detected.

Built-In Motion Sensor

The built-in motion sensor means that this gadget can protect your home discreetly. As soon as someone steps within a 30 feet radius of this light, it will turn on and tell you that someone has visited. It uses infrared technology to detect this motion, which makes it accurate as well. You can install it on the porch, in the garden, or outside your garage – whichever makes you feel the safest.

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Difficult to Detect

This floodlight has a wide enough range that it becomes quite difficult to sneak past. No intruder would be able to get past it without you being informed, which means you can have a peaceful night’s sleep knowing that your home is fully protected against break-ins or external property damage. One of the best features of any home security gadget is being difficult to detect, and this floodlight seems like any ordinary outdoor light unless you get too close.

Easy Installation

The installation of this floodlight is quite simple. It sets itself automatically so that your home is lit properly regardless of the time of day. One important thing to note with this light is that you must provide it with a constant power source. It requires a stable connection to function throughout the night so that you can be notified at any point.

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Google Nest Doorbell – Battery

A video doorbell is one of the most reliable home security gadgets you can install in your home. It allows you to keep an eye on your home’s front door and know whenever someone visits. Any person or thing lurking outside the door can be seen by you, so there are never any surprises.

24/7 Live Monitoring

No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on your home. A video doorbell gives you live 24-hour footage of whatever’s happening outside your front door, or even in the garden. You never have to miss anything, since the image is clear as day, no matter what time it is. If someone approaches your front door, this doorbell will notify you of their presence before they have even rang the doorbell, so that you’re always prepared.

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Interact with Visitors

Due to the built-in microphone and speaker, you can use this doorbell to talk to any visitors from a distance. If you’re isolated, disabled, or elderly, this doorbell will ensure that you don’t have to physically be present at the door when you answer it. This feature makes house chores much easier to accomplish since you can multitask and still not have to miss a single visitor.

Never Miss an Event

If you’re at work or on vacation, this is the perfect feature for you. With the Google Nest doorbell, you don’t have to miss a single event that occurred in your absence. It records events for up to 3 hours and plays them back for you, and with the Nest Aware Subscription, these recordings can be up to 60 days long. This feature is very helpful for busy homeowners who are unable to invest a lot of time manually watching their home and making sure it is safe.

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Thorough, Yet Convenient Home Security

Smart electronic companies understand a home’s needs, especially when it comes to security. This particular package is designed to improve visibility around your home in a discreet yet effective way. Both gadgets provide you with a clear view of the activity around your home, regardless of the time of day. These gadgets are bound to make you feel safer as you fall asleep at night, knowing that you will be updated on any suspicious activity taking place within their range.


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