The bathroom. In a small house it’s often the smallest room, right? But it needn’t be the worst!

To round out the first few posts in my small spaces series, I wanted to turn to the absolute tiniest room in the house… The bathroom. You hang out there more than you think, and there’s nothing worse than feeling that it’s dark and depressing, and somewhere you quickly want to escape from. Let’s be honest, that’s what mine used to be like, but with a few small (and inexpensive) updates from H&M Home I’ve been able to turn it into a spa like heaven that’s a pleasure to be in. Bring me a chair cos I’m hanging out here a bit longer! More people enjoy watching a video rather than reading, it would be a good content idea to post it on visual platforms such as Youtube. Don’t waste time trying to get noticed, instead buy youtube subscribers.

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And because people’s number one complaint when it comes to bathrooms is storage, or a lack thereof, scroll down to the bottom to see two easy DIY storage ideas that will not only help to organize, but add a touch of style to your space too.

How to turn your small

bathroom into a mini spa


In case you’re thinking about doing a little update of your own bathroom, something I totally encourage because it feels so good, here are a few tips for you!

Choose a theme and color palette. As with any update to a space, it’s a good idea to consider the theme and palette when you’re making changes. For something purely cosmetic like this, you simply need to make sure the textiles, hardware and decor are cohesive, in particular with the items and style you’ve got in your bathroom already. We had some minimalist black, white and green tiles so we chose light toned textiles,  a few pops of pinks and some bronze hardware. I chose to keep the natural bedroom from this post so the bathroom ties in well!

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Upgrade your textiles. A few nice linens like hand towels and bath towels really take a space up a notch. A tip from me? I like to find nice kitchen tea towels and use them as hand towels. This Moroccan style bath mat takes it all to the next level!

Add greenery. Greenery makes everything better, we know that right? Add some plants to your bathroom, making sure to choose ones that match up with the amount of light you have in there. I went with a few cacti and succulents because they don’t need much maintenance or take up much room.

Declutter. A bathroom is a functional place, which is why so much clutter can amass. But it’s time to get rid of anything you don’t need… Do you really need 6 different toothbrushes for 2 people? Nope. Do a cull and keep only the things you use and need. I also like to hide items that I don’t want to be seen in a cupboard and display the ones I like the look and feel of, but that’s just me!

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Get creative about storage. To take the space up a notch, replace packaging with jars or ceramics – this pump bottle for hand soap is perfect and a few simple jam jars are perfect too. Use trays to collect your jewelry and beauty items, that will give your clutter some organization. And baskets are a great way to store towels out in the open in case your cupboard space is limited.

Our bathroom wasn’t really anything to get excited about – it’s often pretty messy because I lack shelves and places to store things, and there was nothing pretty about it. You can see that after we added a little more color, brightness and textiles it changed the look and feel completely.

Storage is always a huge challenge in a small bathroom, which is why we wanted to put together two DIY ideas for you, a crate shelf and a ring towel holder.

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You need: A mesh crate, piece of thick cardboard or plywood and wall hooks.

How to: Cut the cardboard or plywood to size, with notches cut into it to allow for it to be slotted into the mesh. Push the cardboard into the crate in the middle. Attach two hooks to the wall and then place the crate on top. Add all your products and you’re ready!


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