During pregnancy the woman should be very cautious while consuming anything because now it’s not just about her but also about the life inside her. During pregnancy a woman undergoes a lot of physical and mental changes due to hormonal changes, but one should always be happy and healthy.

A lot of metabolic, macroscopic and microscopic changes occur during this stage which change or sometimes imbalance the overall health and system and in order to keep yourself and your baby  healthy there are so many herbs that does the same and improves your body functioning naturally and also improves your immune system

Can pregnant women take herbs?

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Well some herbs are quite safe to consume during pregnancy and even doctors these days suggest you to consume as they help you in boosting the immune system and also prevents you from infections. But they should always in taken in right dosage otherwise it may leads to complications such as uterine contraction, abortion, premature birth etc


Some herbs are.

  • Saffron – In India saffron has been recommended for pregnant women for so long. It has its own significance but should be taken in regulated dosage. You can simply add it’s few strands obviously after dosage consultation into the milk. According to Ayurveda saffron is considered to be more safe if taken after the first trimester.  You can find the best saffron in the world easily for your newborn baby.
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Generally we have heard that it is taken to get baby color fair, but there is no scientific proof.

But in pregnancy it helps in controlling blood pressure of mother, it also helps in improving the digestion, prevents mood swings, relieve morning sickness and muscular cramps etc

But should always be taken in right dosage in some recent studies it is proved that oral consumption or , high dosage may lead to miscarriage and abortion , so should be taken in regulated dosage after consultation properly with doctor or health care advisor.

  • Cranberry – Pregnant women generally suffer from urinary issues and cranberries are very beneficial for the same. They help in natural hydration of the body and also provide essential anti- oxidant , vitamins and minerals to your body. They are also beneficial in Urinary tract infections.
  • Chamomile – During pregnancy women suffer from a lot of mood swings, stress anxiety due to hormonal changes and chamomile works as a natural stress buster. It has antioxidant and relaxing properties which also helps in regulating the blood pressure naturally.
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But should be taken in regulated dose after consultation

  • Tulsi– In Indian households tulsi is a plant which you can find in every home. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants , Antiviral and anti- fungal properties. Helps in boosting your immune system and prevents you from infections, flu, cold, cough and it also helps in digestion.
  • Garlic– If taken in regulated dosage garlic improves your immune system, reduces bloating and also helps in regulating blood pressure

These are some herbs that can be taken during  pregnancy and considered to be safe if taken in the right and regulated dosage after proper consultation and prescription. Well, we would recommend you to consume saffron. There are many best kind of saffron available in the market. Check out and then consume only.

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