Almost every second person is on Instagram. Some profiles are set to business while others are not. Some people come to Instagram to reach out to their friends and Famoid, while others come to promote brands, become an influencer, or promote their products and services. If you are on Instagram to reach out to your friends and Famoid, you do not worry about gaining followers. However, if you’re using the platform of Instagram as a social media marketing place, you need to be aware of all tips and tricks in the book to grow your follower count.


If an account does not have a lot of followers, it is not seen as an established brand. It will either be given the label of a new brand or a struggling brand. However, if you are looking to grow on Instagram, become an influencer, or establish a brand identity, you need to focus on gaining followers. There are several ways of gaining followers on Instagram. You can either opt for the organic route, or you can purchase followers. If you decide to purchase followers, ensure that you buy authentic IG followers

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Why should you not purchase Instagram followers?

If you Google, ‘should I purchase Instagram followers,’ most websites will tell you not to engage in such activity. They have their reasons. The primary reason behind this is that you can get duped if you purchase Instagram followers. First, when purchasing Instagram followers, if you land upon a fake site, they may take your money and not provide you followers.


Alternatively, those sites do not provide you with real followers but provide bots. These profiles usually have a ton of bots and inactive accounts. Therefore, your follower numbers would increase when you purchase followers because of the bots and inactive accounts. However, you will not see any increase in post-engagement. When Instagram sees that your follower numbers have increased, but the engagement of your post is not increasing, it may suspect you of suspicious activity. They may comb through your account and find that you have bots and inactive accounts as followers. These accounts will be removed from your profile. Thus, your follower number will come back to where you started. Another scenario that can occur is that Instagram can ban your account. Instagram reserves the right to ban accounts based on suspicious activity.

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However, you will gain real and active followers when you purchase followers from reputable sites like Famoid. Famoid does not deal with bots or inactive accounts. Therefore, you are safe. Furthermore, Famoid will not ask you about your Instagram password, so you have nothing to worry about. Famoid also delivers followers gradually so that Instagram does not get suspicious. You can also check out Influencive highlights how to get famous on IG by purchasing followers.


This article aims not to say that the only way to go on Instagram is by purchasing followers. Purchasing followers can help you bridge the gap between your brand-new account and an already established account with 5000 followers. Once you have purchased 5000 or 10,000 followers, you need to grow your account further by:

  • posting content regularly
  • posting high-quality content
  • following the trends
  • posting at a time when your audience is active
  • using hashtags
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Redirecting audience to your website.

If you have a website, you should ask your audience to click through to your website so that you can drive traffic to your website as well. If you blog about social media games, you can mention ‘read more on popular social media games’ on my website to drive clicks through to your site.



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