Las Vegas is the undisputed gambling capital of the world. Every year, over 80 million people visit Sin City to find their fortune at the tables like judi online and bocoran admin slot rtp live hari ini. But you don’t have to be a professional gambler to enjoy Las Vegas’s many features and entertainment options. In fact, many visitors only visit for a few days or weeks, making it possible to play just one casino game in that time.


So what is the best casino game in Las Vegas? That all depends on your goals, budget and schedule. Here are 10 top picks for the best games you can play in Sin City.

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  1. Craps

While not for everyone, craps is one of the most popular games in Las Vegas. The action is constant, and you can even chat with other players throughout the casino. Craps pits come with a wide selection of bets, from pass-or-don’t wagers to “any seven” to “hard six.” The game also features “double odds” and lots more. The entire table always wins when someone rolls a natural (a 7 or an 11).


  1. Blackjack

No roundup of best casino games would be complete without blackjack. This classic game of luck and skill comes in many different versions, with the most popular being “surrender” (which allows you to give up half your bet if you have a poor first two cards), “splitting” (which allows you to separate a pair into two hands), “double down” (where you’re allowed to double your bet if you have an ace or 10) and more.

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  1. Craps or Roulette Props (+/- 100% Up To $1,000)

Many craps tables offer prop bets for those who are looking for something new and different. That includes the “even money” in which the point value is equal to the total of your wager, which gives you a guaranteed return of $1. If you choose to play roulette, you’ll find lots of options here: a single bet on either a red or black number; a single bet on either a “push” (the ball doesn’t stop at any point) or straight-up; splitting your bet between two lines (e.g., red/black and even money); and more.


  1. Poker
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If blackjack is for serious fun with friends and craps for thrilling action alone, poker is just an all-around great game. There are plenty of variants to choose from, from Texas Hold’em to Omaha to Seven Card Stud, and you can also play in private games.


  1. Slot Machines

Slot machines come in many forms, from video poker to keno to video keno. They can be found in almost every casino, though the payback percentage is typically lower in Las Vegas than at most other locations. That said, you can usually find a bank of machines that have low minimums and a higher payout percentage for less money.

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  1. Video Poker

The payback percentage on video poker games is typically higher than that on slot machines, thanks to the random value of each hand played. You can play just one hand (e.g., single-deck draw) or multiple hands simultaneously (e.g. 10-hand). Most video poker comes in five different denominations, and those with the lowest denomination have a higher payback percentage.


  1. Baccarat

Baccarat is another of the classic casino games that don’t require a lot of action or even luck, but it does offer great odds for those who play smart. This game features two decks of cards, and players wager on either the player or banker hand. The house has an edge, but it’s small – around 1%. That said, baccarat players are often offered bonuses to play more hands while they’re at their tables.

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  1. Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a variant of the traditional Chinese game of Pai Gow, and it requires a bit more strategy than regular blackjack or baccarat. Each player is dealt seven cards – five are dealt face-down while two are dealt face-up – and they must build two hands: one with five cards (with the goal of totaling closer to nine) and one with two cards (with the goal of totaling closer to two). The dealer doesn’t take any wagers, but he or she will make sure that everyone has a hand that totals closer to nine.


  1. Blackjack Switch
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Blackjack Switch is a unique variant of blackjack because players must split pairs and then switch cards with their partner. For example, if you have a 6 and 7, you can switch your hand with your partner’s hand, or you can keep the 6 and 7 and then split them into two hands – one with an 8 and one with another 6. The game also allows you to surrender half your bet if your first two cards are 10-21.


  1. Sic Bo

This casino game is similar to blackjack in that it involves betting on either the high or low total of three dice rolls. There’s also a special “chips win” bet in which you bet on either a single fip or pile of chips. The chips are arranged in the form of two pyramids, and betting on one lets you win less if you guessed wrong while winning more if you guessed right.

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  1. Roulette

Although most people think of roulette as a single-bet game, the truth is that you can make many different bets. The most popular is “red or black,” where players bet on one of two colours. If a zero comes up, however, you lose your bet regardless of colour. In addition to “red/black” bets, you can wager on “even” or “odd,” which cover every even or odd number; “low” or “high” (1-18 or 19-36); and more.



Gambling in Las Vegas can be great fun, but it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. The best way to ensure you’re enjoying a top experience is to stay at a resort on the Las Vegas Strip and then play your favourite games at nearby casinos. You’ll also find that the odds increase when you play each game at the same table or machine, because you can enjoy repeat bonuses based on your length of play and money wagered.

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If you’re travelling far away from home, blackjack will remind you of spending time at your favourite local casino.


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