Greece is a theme that has been consistently used by slot developers for many years. Many developers have tried to create their own style of Greek slot, with some being more successful than others – try Tom Horn Gaming slots.

Greece Theme

The times of Ancient Greece have long fascinated people. Gods such as Zeus and Thor are still featured heavily in modern popular culture, many younger people encounter Greek culture without even realising it! Due to the instantly recognisable iconography of Ancient Greece, it serves as a wonderful basis for a slot theme. Things like Thor’s lighting makes for a great gameplay feature as well as a wonderful design element. Greek slots don’t necessarily always have to be set in the past either, with many slots using modern Greek designs and buildings are part of their slot theme. Greece has managed to have an enduring slot legacy, with many high quality titles being released with the Greek theme. 

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Best Greek Slots

As one of the most popular online slot themes, there have been constant Greek slot releases over the years. The following slots are some of the very best.

  1. Fortunes of Sparta is a slot which was developed by Blueprint Gaming, it offers players an exciting adventure which will place them in the shoes of the world’s toughest ever warriors, Spartans. This slot features exciting gameplay elements such as the Spartan Streak feature which offers players wilds and respins. The slot has a high winning potential but it is also incredibly volatile, making it better for players with a bigger bankroll.
  2. Age Of The Gods: King Of Olympus is an exciting slot which was developed by Playtech, this slot is particularly lucrative for players thanks to it’s wonderful progressive jackpot. It features typical Ancient Greek characters on the reels such as Zeus and Thor. The design of the slot itself is very pretty to look at, set high amongst the clouds. The game has two main bonus features for players to enjoy, free spins and a progressive jackpot. 
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Other Mythical/Historical Themes you may enjoy

Ancient Greece is a hugely popular theme but if you fancy a change, there are several other themes which can help to fill the void.

  •     Roman themed slots are incredibly similar to Ancient Greek slot games, they both explore civilisations long gone. The iconography is also incredibly recognisable, with roman helmets and the coliseums regularly being used on the reels.
  •     Ancient Egytian themed slots contain many similarities to Ancient Greek slot games. Both feature a historical civilisation in a sometimes mystical manner, with Ancient Egypt slots focusing on the supernatural and life after death rather than Gods.
  •     Vikings are one of the most commonly used slot themes. The legends of these warriors have lived throughout time, making them perfect to use for an exciting slot theme!
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Final Thoughts

It is hard to say what it is exactly about Greece themed slots that players find so enjoyable, it could be the fun designs and animations or it could be the fascinating mythology behind the slot.


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