Earlier online learning was limited to some video centred websites and online teaching websites only as just substitutes to those students only who due to any reason were unable to go to institutions btu during pandemic it emerged as only option to continue education of students so that their hard work of whole year cloud not go in vain. Online teaching gave a new prospect with the help of which many more aspects of a student’s knowledge got enhanced. Let’s discuss the benefits of online teaching.

Online teaching methods gave a new escape route to students to get away from old and boring methods of education in the classroom with the help of innovative tools of online learning like LMS. It was the same computer but instead of playing video games students were enhancing their knowledge as well as completing their education. Students who were habitual of classroom culture only & were away from these online methods, applications and websites, came to know about them and boosted their capacity to learn and grasp. It was totally a wonderland for them to enjoy as well as learn.

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One more tool Student attendance management system helped a lot during online learning and when students teach online because it was forbidden for everyone to touch or to come in direct contact during pandemic so online teaching methods facilitated students in a way that they could study at home with the help of various group teaching apps such as classroom app without being gathered at school and getting into risk of getting infected. Student attendance management system also helped school management to track the interest level of students in learning. They were also terrified of how exams were going to be conducted but that too got conducted online. Students each and every problem got solved with the help of online teaching methods.

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Most importantly a student doesn’t have to worry about the location of school whether it is close to home or far away because with the help of online teaching methods school comes to the school comes to the student doesn’t matter wherever the student is from. Distance means nothing here, even a student residing in India can learn anything from a tutor from America without going there. For example, in a classroom app kids or students from various other states of India can study together and a teacher can teach them together and comfortably.

In online teaching methods, getting focused is very important. Here at a digital platform, a teacher is able to put his focus on each and every student on the screen with the help of various options in online teaching portals. On the other hand, students who usually could not get proper attention in a crowded class of 25-45 students get to ask questions directly to the teacher without being hesitated and get addressed and solution also particularly to their queries.

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Teaching material is easy to be demonstrated on screen to each and every student and they get to understand it also in an elucidated manner. In a crowded class many students could not communicate properly to the tutor and being compelled they could not get solutions to their queries and in exams they face a complete upside-down situation. While in an online teaching method students can communicate to tutor in many ways.

For an example if tutor is teaching something in Google Meet and students doesn’t want to interrupt but want to ask on the same time too, so he can write his query in chat box so that after completion of lecture teacher can see the query and can answer it. Such features enhance the confidence and interaction level of teacher and students and build a stronger bond between them.

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Online teaching method has been proven as a boon to this generation and further. We ought to make our children participate in this awesome stream of learning and brighten their future. Whereas it is also taken care of that kids, being very enthusiastic and curious, should not go beyond their boundaries. Parental control and guidance are must. Parents should put parental control in settings of their kid’s PC so that they can see and read only the content related to their subject and course.

Also, it is the responsibility of teachers and parents to guide students to how to gather matters from their online learning and assignments so that they could get little rest to their eyes instead of continuously gazing on screen and harming their eyesight. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to look after the physical and mental health of the students.

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