Though parents try to teach their kids a lot of good lessons in home and also get them taught such lessons in schools where school LMS takes care of everything also but kids learn few lessons in the field of life and when kids understand the moral from those practical lessons then they utilize this knowledge to live a better life ahead. One of such lessons is Gratitude. It is sad to say but today this attribute is getting lost among the arrogance and feeling of too much pride people are having in them. But the questions arise what is Gratitude. Gratitude is a particular feeling of thankfulness towards the world and those individuals who are always there to help in the hour of need. A selfish person can never have gratitude for anyone because for practicing gratitude one always needs to remove selfishness and ego from heart and will have to think about others.  The best time of teaching such attributes is student life. During this age students and kids’ intake of any knowledgeable fact rapidly, it is just like a student attendance management system can intake any huge data related to attendance of the students. and in fact, they keep on grasping everything which seems interesting, in this age, so as the gratitude.

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Gratitude is an emotion which is generated when someone does something favourable for you and you become full of respect for that. Gratitude makes you recognize and respect the person if he or she does anything good to you or helps you in hours of need. A human can practice gratitude in several ways and as far as students are concerned, they have unlimited chances for it. A student can start doing this by noticing everything around him he or she can be grateful for. Students can start this from any small or big act which gives satisfaction of doing something very right. Every morning after waking up early in the morning and after completing morning prayers be grateful for a few good things around you daily like beautiful nature, people, community, creature, also students should always thank God for providing fresh food, roof on head and good clothes to wear, which are human’s basic needs. This will make you optimistic and it is just awesome.  One should always respect and should be grateful for every resource of good life he or she has in his/her life. Also, it is good to write the emotions and share these grateful emotions to others for whom he or she feels gratitude

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Teach your child to always be thankful. There are several things around us we should be thankful to, like we can thank the  student attendance management system in schools which gives relief to students and school management by preparing accurate data related to student’s attendance or school LMS which manages school appropriately. Same way makes your child realise the value of good things another does to them. For example, if a friend of the child shares his tiffin with him then the child must not forget to show gratitude for this good work and say thank you. “Thank you”- these two words contain a very deep feeling of gratitude and appreciation. We must always encourage the child to give verbal appreciation towards any good thing that happens around them because everyone in this world needs appreciation for their hard and good work and showing gratitude inspires them to continue their good work. After teaching gratitude to the child, we can’t expect magic from children that they can remember such deep emotions in their mind always. Parents need to ask gratitude questions to their children to make them a mild reminder of it. For example, you must ask the child what he/she has so much precious to be thankful for? or if anybody gives something to the child then ask the child what should he do in return for this gift? Such questions remind the child to be thankful and grateful always towards people’s good behaviour for them. To be a grateful child needs to recognize acts of kindness and goodness. So, to make children understand, give them an illustration by performing acts of kindness and goodness in front of them such as by helping the poor or any helpless animal etc. This illustration makes the children follow such characters and become good citizens in future.

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