The PG in Design Engineering (MDE) programme equips the future generation of decision-makers with the skills necessary to develop game-changing solutions that advance society. The combined disciplines of engineering and design are perfectly positioned to tackle the most challenging problems affecting the world.

The programme is made to tackle the problems posed by a world market that is changing quickly; successful commercial companies are built on the existence of well-designed goods, procedures, and technologies. In this course, you will acquire the practical and technical skills that business and scholarly research both have great value.

What is the objective of a PG in Design Engineering?

  1. With the creation of products being the main focus of the curriculum, a master’s degree in design engineering aids in helping a student to concentrate on the production market.
  2. The program’s objective is the creation of products, and students are expected to acquire the necessary abilities to be competitive in the product marketplaces.
  3. The goal of this master’s programme is to equip its graduates with the knowledge and abilities necessary to comprehend the market and create goods that can successfully compete with similar goods on the market.
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What will you learn if you pursue a PG  in Design Engineering?

  1. Students are given the opportunity to learn how the product brand’s shape and visual design work collectively.
  2. A PG in engineering design teaches technical and organisational abilities in the retail setting, engineering, and the development of sophisticated goods as well as fresh ones.
  3. Calculation skills and the utilisation of science are two crucial programme abilities that every student will be expected to acquire by the completion of the course. These abilities help the student while they are trying to solve a problem.
  4. The students get to see how the product performs and experience the strict precision requirements.
  5. Students pursuing a PG Program in design engineering are required to complete project participation activities, modelling, simulations, redesigns, measurements, and prototype production.
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Who should pursue this course?

The PG in Design Engineering programme is excellent for recent graduates or experienced engineers who are willing to take part in engineering design positions within the development of processes, systems, or products.

Do you get more opportunities for employment after the completion of this course?

Graduated students of this PG program may find jobs in manufacturing, the construction industry, consulting for the automobile industry, the oil and space industries, ship development, and home details. Because of the program’s high level of specialisation, graduates are very marketable and can obtain appealing professions with ease.


Rapid urbanisation, global warming, and depletion of resources are just a few of the problems our world faces that have an influence on people’s lives and living conditions. These and numerous other issues call for a thorough grasp of the underlying architecture problem at the systems level, which in turn paves the way for creative, comprehensive solutions that cut across scales and disciplines.

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The MDE programme trains creative and analytical thinkers with the Most Used Mechanical Design Software In India so that they can cooperate widely and think strategically. Graduates of the MDE programme develop new, practical solutions and promote change.


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