Teaching is an essential part of education and also the most important aspect of a teacher’s job. It is also one of the most important tasks of a teacher compared to all their other tasks. Just to give you an idea, other than teaching, teachers are involved in the following activities in a school or college or any other educational institution:


  • Studying and researching more on their subject to create course content and study material.
  • Ensuring the course content is not just full of information but also keeps the students engaged throughout the lecture.
  • Creating a lesson plan for each class.
  • Answering the students’ doubts and queries in class and encouraging them to share their ideas and opinions in class.
  • Assigning projects and homework and then grading the same when the students submit the completed work.
  • Regularly monitoring the students’ progress.
  • Preparing question papers and also checking the answer sheets and then recording the marks obtained by every student.
  • Handling and controlling their students and ensuring each student is disciplined.
  • Instilling good values and virtues in the students and motivating them to do better.
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Back in March 2020, when the pandemic situation worsened and the first lockdown was imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions of all types, be it schools, colleges, coaching centres or tuition centres, were shut down and classes had to be discontinued. This meant that all these activities related to teaching along with all other activities of an educational institution had to come to a standstill.


This would lead to a very negative situation for the students and the teachers and also the classes would be disturbed causing the students’ progress to suffer. It was during this period that the online education system came into effect around the world and all the educational institutions adopted this method very soon.Although it was difficult adjusting to online classes, online teaching and online learning, the students and teachers soon became familiar with the system and the platforms used for the same.

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The education system now started functioning based on a large number of educational websites and live teaching apps. There was at least one app that was solely dedicated to every activity related to education. For example, there was an app to teach online, there was an app for the virtual classroom to be conducted in, there was an app for self-study, there was also an app for conducting exams and so on. Before the pandemic and the online education system was in effect, there were not many online platforms designed and developed, especially for educational purposes. The online system paved the way for more platforms to be launched and developed in order to make the process of teaching and learning more convenient even in the online mode.

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As we noted above, there are various aspects of a teachers’ job and a large number of tasks that a teacher has to do as a part of his or her job. Hence it was extremely important to develop platforms that would help the teachers in completing all their tasks with ease and manage their classes and lectures along with managing all these other tasks. If not for the best online teacher apps, most of these tasks would have been disturbed due to the pandemic and the lockdowns.


There are different types of apps that now exist for the teachers as well. Some apps help them in conducting classes and some apps help them in preparing for those classes. Some apps or plug-ins help in automating the tedious tasks hence allowing the teachers to devote more time to their other more important tasks.

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The mobile apps that have emerged for teachers help offer them more flexibility and the option of teaching from anywhere. The online teaching app or the mobile teacher app are some good examples of this type of app. The online courses and the online courses apps allow teachers to create a variety of online courses to benefit the students and make an additional income as well. Some platforms have allowed teachers to stream educational videos and many teachers have also gained immense popularity from the same.


The online teaching apps were not only useful for the online system but will also come in handy for multiple tasks in the offline system of education.

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