They’ll try it if a new strain or variety of mushrooms is adequate for Psychonauts. After all, they’re interested in seeing how varied potencies and dosages of mushrooms affect the user’s experience. On the other hand, some people believe that the dose is the only variable in the psychedelic experience provided by mushrooms.


Penis Envy shrooms are known for their appearance and potency. The strong effect of shrooms makes it an absolute favourite of regular mushroom users. Therefore, when a high-strength mushroom is available, it will become another favoured option.


Melmac mushroom is one strain cultivated by humans and resembles the potent Penis Envy. It is described to provide an otherworldly feeling. No, this is not a human invention product that is genetically modified. Instead, they are selectively cultivated and bred in the lab.

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If you want to try something new, Melmac mushrooms should be on your list. It’s an experience that will cultivate a shamanic trip like other potent shrooms.


History of Melmac Shrooms


Terrence McKenna, an activist and author, is credited with popularising Penis Envy. He took spore samples from a unique psilocybe in the Amazon Rainforest. Other mycologists later cultivated and multiplied these spores.


The wild penis envy spores’ genetics were stabilized in a lab after sending a few samples home. Rich Gee developed the contemporary Penis Envy strain that we are familiar with today. Since then, it has been a favourite mushroom among psychedelic lovers everywhere.

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In the 1980s, the Homestead company began experimenting on Penis Envy mushrooms. They came up with the popular Melmac shroom that appears with bent stems and a wavy crown.


The name came from Alf’s fictional planet, a sitcom in the 80s. The company sold the spores when it was created. The Melmac mushroom strain is still an ultimate favourite even if the company isn’t operating anymore.


Appearance or Characteristics


The curved head and bent stems of Melmac shrooms make them easily identifiable. This fungus resembles classic Penis Envy mushrooms in general shape and curvature.


But Melmac stands out from other kinds because of its wavy cap. It bruises easily and turns blue, characteristic of many hallucinogenic mushrooms share. Psilocybin, which turns blue with oxidation, is indicated by the blue hue.

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Like most Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, psilocybin and psilocin are the primary psychoactive ingredients. Psilocybin is the most stable of the two, so it remains intact until it enters the body.


In the body, psilocybin will convert to psilocin and cause the psychedelic trip. As a result, the person will have a mind-altering experience and changes in perception, like space, time, and sense of self.


The potency of this mushroom is what makes it so desired. Like Penis Envy, it contains substantial psilocybin. As a result, heavy doses of this drug are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Since this strain is potent, it is best for experienced users. They can expect deep shamanic and spiritual trips when taken in high doses. If beginners want to try Melmac, they should always start low.

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How to Trip with Melmac


Since Melmac is a potent mushroom, one must understand that preparation is crucial to get a good experience from it. Choosing the correct dosage and making adjustments can help use potent shrooms.


Going low and slow is essential if you don’t have much experience in psilocybin mushrooms. It will help you not experience harsh effects.


Preparing for your set and setting can also contribute to the outcome of your Melmac adventure. Set is the mindset or how mentally prepared you are before taking your mushrooms. The setting is the place where you choose to trip.

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You’ll also have to decide how you’ll take the mushrooms. You can eat them raw, in food, as tea, in capsules, and so on. Slowly eat them so they don’t hit you all at once and surprise you.


You can also choose to microdose with Melmac. Microdosing uses a tiny amount of shrooms but not to get the hallucinogenic or euphoric effects. The dose usually is around 0.01 to 0.5 grams of dried mushroom.


When you microdose, you’ll experience mild relaxation, a good mood, and focus and concentration in the long run. However, ensure to use a specific schedule when taking small doses.

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Where to Buy Melmac Shrooms?


You can find Melmac in Canada. There are reputable online shops like Zoomies Canada that offer dried mushrooms.


Always make sure that you get your mushrooms from trusted websites. You’ll guarantee to have legitimate products and the best offers.


Why Buy Magic Mushrooms?


Aside from the psychedelic experience, one can enjoy it. Shrooms can also help in improving a person’s mental health. In studies, psilocybe mushrooms can reduce the effects or symptoms of depression or anxiety for almost a year together with conventional therapy.




The potent Melmac can be your alternative to Penis Envy shrooms. You can get the same effects and shamanic experience when you use them in high doses. Although not for beginners, it can still be enjoyed when taken cautiously.

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