Pets are like family to a lot of us. Pet parents consider dogs to be members of their family. They do everything they can to ensure their well-being. They make sure that the dogs are well-fed, well-trained, have enough area to run around and stay active, and, of course, are lavished with love and care. So why not include them in the dog insurance‘s circle of protection?


Have you ever wondered if the dark circles beneath your dog’s eyes are tear stains, an illness, or a wound? Early detection of visual issues and prompt consultation with a veterinarian are best to assure canine eye care. How can you tell if your dog has a problem with his eyes? Regularly check your dog’s eyes for inflammation, infection, or vision loss. If you feel your dog has an eye problem, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian.

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Eyelids, pupils, and eyelids should all be the same colour. The eyeballs should be bright and free of crusting. Consult a veterinarian if you notice any redness, haziness, or swelling. Is there a colour change or a lot of discharge? A grey discharge is common, but a yellow or green discharge is unusual. If your pet displays indications of annoyance or discomfort, pet health insurance helps you save on medical expenses for testing, treatment and more.


Puppies’ eyes are exposed to far more filth and grime than human eyes are. To aid your dog’s eyesight, ensure regular grooming by keeping long hair, shampoo, and other items out of their eyes, and keep an eye out for indicators of an eye issue, like pawing or rubbing.

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Eye discharge is common in dogs because of dust or hair entering their eyes. A fluid discharge from the eye is usually caused by a foreign body, such as an eyelash, but a pus-like discharge from the eye might suggest a severe illness. In addition, tears draining from the corner of the eye might leave streaks or boogers in the eye.


Until it isn’t, eye discharge is considered normal. Excessively dry/watery eyes, an increase in ocular discharge, or the appearance of bloodshot eyes are all warning indicators to look out for.  Excessive blinking and rubbing or pawing at the eyes should be taken seriously. Always see your veterinarian determine the source of the problem, as some issues might lead to visual loss if left unchecked.

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Dog eye discharge is more common in several breeds. Pugs and Boxers, for example, have a small nose and wide round eyes and tend to discharge more. Eyelids that roll outward and cherry eye, a disorder that happens when a gland in the eyelid slides out of position, are more common in breeds with loose facial skin. Using a clean tissue or cotton ball, wipe the discharge away. If the discharge has formed into a crust, wash it with a cotton ball to soften it before removing the crust.


To counteract dog eye discharge, you may use a veterinarian eye cleaning solution to ensure it doesn’t include any alcohol. Remember that your eye drops should not be used as dog eye drops. Affordable pet health insurance helps you in safeguarding your dog, through eye issues and much more.

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