If you love Tom Cruise and are looking for a great costume, you can get a similar one based on the Tom Cruise Risky Business costume. This costume comes complete with the classic white dress shirt, Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits CD and cool dude sunglasses. The best part of this costume is that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to get the look, you can just copy what Cruise wore in the movie and wear it for Halloween. Just make sure you watch the movie first and find the right style for yourself!

Tom Cruise

For your next Halloween party, dress up like the superstar as Tom Cruise in a classic Risky Business Costume. Unlike the elaborate costumes of yore, a Tom Cruise costume doesn’t have to break the bank. Rather, it requires only a few simple, but effective steps. Start with a classic white dress shirt. Pair it with some cool-dude sunglasses and a Bob Seger Greatest Hits CD. To add the finishing touch, play the movie and listen to 80s music.

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The Tom Cruise in Risky Business Costume is a popular Halloween costume choice, thanks to the movie’s iconic scene. The costume includes a button-down white shirt, black tube socks, and sunglasses. It also pays homage to Cruise’s iconic “pimp of the suburbs” look, which has been parodied in shows such as The Nanny and Scrubs. Thousands of people chose to dress up as the star of Risky Business for this year’s Halloween party.

Donegal tweed

If you’re in the mood for a classic ’80s teen coming-of-age film, don’t miss the chance to dress up in Donegal tweed for your Risky Business costume. The movie features a stoic young man named Joel Goodson, a shy student with dreams of attending Princeton University. Instead, he falls in love with a call girl who gives him a new lease on life.

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A simple risky business costume made from white socks and a button-up dress is easy to make and is inexpensive. If you want to go the extra mile, you can buy the iconic ’80s costume from a thrift store or ’80s-themed store. Once you get the hang of it, you can wear it long after Halloween is over. Donegal tweed is a type of woolen fabric with irregular stripes of color woven into a gray woolen background. It’s usually a short-sleeved jacket with notch lapels and three buttons on each sleeve.

Black underwear

The most famous part of the Risky Business costume is Tom Cruise’s white underwear. You don’t want to reveal too much of your cleavage, but you can try replica sunglasses to give your costume a unique look. As for the rest of the clothing, the easiest to find item is a pair of white sports socks. The final item to complete this costume is a candlestick. The following costume ideas are great for anyone who loves the movie.

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You’ll need a white oxford shirt, black boxer briefs, and a button-down white shirt. Then, make sure you have some killer dance moves to accompany your costume. To make the whole effect look real, play “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger. You’ll be in no time. It’s also easy to pick up a copy of the movie and download it for free.

Gold candlestick

Choosing the perfect costume is an important part of the Risky Business theme. While the movie is more girl next door than call girl, there’s still a sexy side to Risky Business fashion. The following tips will help you select the right costume for this character. If you don’t have a ’80s theme in mind, you can still make a risky costume using the same basic materials.

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The movie’s white underwear is a staple part of the Risky Business costume. Make sure to choose something that will cover the modesty of your costume. White socks are another essential piece of clothing, and you can get a pair of cheap imitations from a thrift store. Don’t forget to wear a dress shirt, too. A white long-sleeved shirt is the perfect accessory to complete the look. Specifically, the shirt is light pink with thin white stripes.


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