In keeping with their name, fruit flies frequently eat fruit and other sweet foods. They are most repeatedly detected in the kitchen because of this. Unknowingly, we provide these pests the food and breeding grounds they require, where they can flourish. Even though fruit flies are tiny, they can be very annoying thus calling for pest control in Austin. This is due to the increased likelihood of fruit and other products left out on your counter in the summer ripening quickly and fermenting. Naturally, fruit flies can invade your home at any time of the year.


It’s more important to get rid of the things that attract fruit flies to your house than it is to get rid of the bugs themselves. In essence, it’s crucial to remove their breeding and feeding sites to reduce their population. Here’s how!

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  • As opposed to the counter or the cupboard, store all products in the refrigerator. This is crucial in the spring and summer because these are the seasons when vegetables and fruits ripen the fastest.


  • Always clean up spills, especially those involving juice or alcohol.


  • Every day, scrub the sink with a nice scrub brush, some soap, and water. To get rid of as much filth as you can, you can also clean the bottom of the rubber splash guard on the disposal using a long-handled brush.


  • You require a thorough cleaning if there are fruit flies lingering around the drain.
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  • Pour one cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda into the faucet and let it soak for at least thirty minutes before cleaning it out with hot water.


  • By placing a piece of ripe fruit, such as a banana or even other fruit, in a container and securely wrapping it in plastic wrap, you can make a fruit fly trap. Then use a toothpick to make a number of small holes in the bubble wrap. Fruit flies will be drawn to this smell. They will use the holes to enter the container, but they won’t be able to exit it.


  • Place a container of apple cider vinegar that has a few droplets of liquid dish soap added to it on the counter. This is yet another fruit fly bait that occasionally works.
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  • Garbage, recycling, and compost bins inside should be kept tidy. Fruit flies and other pests are kept at bay by wiping them down after each emptying.


  • Replace worn-out sponges and mop heads with fresh stuff, and try to thoroughly rinse and let them air dry in between usage.

Pests are nightmares to have. They come even with a slight bit of carelessness, but despite huge efforts, they don’t leave easily.

Professionals have the right knowledge. They know how to identify which bugs have infected your house and have sprays and solutions that aren’t otherwise available for public use. Besides, they offer permanent solutions, not shallow ones.

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If you follow these instructions and still experience fruit fly issues, it’s possible that your pipes’ p-trap has to be replaced. These pipes under your kitchen sink are in the U-shaped section. For seasoned do-it-yourself homeowners, this project is quite straightforward, but it’s a good idea to employ an expert.



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