Fake news is not something new. It has always been used as a tool by those in power to manipulate the masses and formulate their opinions in a way that benefits the powerful people. However, with the advent of social media and other such platforms, the spread of fake news has become out of control, and it has put society at a critically dangerous point

Due to the rapid spread of fake news, the social fabric of society is a threat, and therefore you need to play your part in fixing it. 

Here are some of the ways through which fake news brings societies to the verge of destruction:

It Spreads Hate and Violence 

You must know that the whole purpose of spreading fake news is to create a divide between two or more factions of society. You may think that fake news is so easy to identify. Therefore, it can’t harm anyone, but it might be true in your case. But there are millions of people out there who are not educated enough to verify a piece of news and fake news usually target those people and spread hate and violence among people. At the same time, it brainwashes people into committing violence and hate crimes, people who spread fake news benefit from all of it.

Fake News Can Bring Unmanageable Chaos 

You must know that chaos is the worst enemy of every state, and it can affect the progress of a nation. Therefore, people who are working against your country and people who don’t want your country to excel, capitalize on fake news. It helps them to create unmanageable chaos, and the state starts to invest its resources in catering to the chaos. Therefore, it is important that you verify everything before you start believing it blindly.

It Comes in the Way of Progression of Societies

Societies progress when there is peace and harmony among the citizens of the society. However, fake news plays a very critical role in affecting the peace and harmony of society. It can work as an agent of chaos that can become in the way of the progression of society. Therefore, it is very important that you spread awareness about fake news in your circle and make sure that people stay away from it as much as they. It is very important if you want your country to progress.

It Spreads the Culture of Ignorance  

When people of society start believing in false propaganda, it gives rise to a culture of ignorance. It can affect critical thinking, and hence it is a danger to the social fabric of society. Therefore, if you want to fight back and combat the fake news, then you need to break your echo chamber and start looking for the reality of the things as they rather than believe in them as they are fed to you. Apart from that, you need to make sure that you are playing your part in improving your society by not spreading any kind of fake news yourself.

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