The area known as the Bay Area is the San Francisco Bay and has a population of about 850k residents. There is a reason that so many people call this place home. Let’s go over our favorite things about living in this spectacular city.


Parts of the Bay area are even more socially shocking than part of New York City. This area is known for its progressive thinking and the residents couldn’t be more proud. Some of the best tech companies are located in this area as well. The desirability of the city has contributed to the price of the houses in this area. Some of these homes are famous, seen in movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire and the tv show Full House.

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The East Bay centered around Oakland is a focused industry of metalworking, oil, and shipping. After browsing Oakland houses for sale, you’ve probably come to realize that this is a great area for raising a family. The schools in this area are highly rated and the cost of living is lower than that of central San Francisco. Oakland is among one of the most ethnically diverse cities in America.


With its closeness to Asia, there’s no wonder why there are more Asian Americans in the Bay Area than in any other part of the United States. The North Beach District attracted many Italians and is known as Little Italy. Marin County and Lamarinda have a large Jewish community. The Latino population is spread amongst the Bay Area as well.

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With some of the top earners pulling in at least 6 figures, you would have to expect the city to adapt to its residents. San Francisco may be home to some of the most expensive homes but it is also home to some of the most expensive professionals. Some of these include the Fisher Family who started the clothing store The Gap. Besides owning Old Navy and the Banana Republic under the Gap name, they are also artists’ themselves. Some of the work by the Fishers can be seen in the SFMoMA.


Another famous family hailing from San Francisco is the Hewlett family. You may have heard of them before. They own Hewlett Packard, you know, the company that makes computers and printers sold across the globe. Hopefully now you’re beginning to see how the Bay Area gotta be so expensive. When you have massively intelligent people creating amazing products and systems, there will be a lot of money involved.

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The wealth gap in this area is quite large. Many of the resident’s of the area are not pulling 6 figures and have a hard time keeping up with the elite. However, living just outside the busy city in a suburb will give you the best of both worlds. The Bay Area is worth visiting and even staying if you can afford to do so. Check out local communities around San Francisco, Oakland, and Santa Rosa. An hour trip to the Marin Headlands is worth it!


Almost all of California is quite beautiful. There is a reason it is so popular and a lot of it has to do with the perfect weather, beautiful landscapes, and the friendly locals. Almost every coastal town you drive through you can guarantee a friendly face will help you along the way. Some of the most amazing architecture is in the Bay Area. The Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing site and connects Oakland and San Francisco. There are tons of National Parks to explore throughout this region.

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Some of the best sites are seen from atop the cliffs of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. If you travel a bit further north, you have the Redwood National Park as well. If you weren’t already aware, this National Park is home to some of the largest and oldest trees in the world. Once you’ve come back south, check out the Point Reyes National SeaShore. There are trails, waterfalls, and views of the Point Reyes Lighthouse.


Whatever you decide to do, even if you don’t move to the area full time, you’ll love the visit. The Bay Area is a trip that you won’t soon forget. We love even more about this city and its surroundings than we discuss here. But you’ll have to see for yourself. Plan your trip to the Bay Area and try out some spots we recommend!

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