India is presently one of the world’s largest suppliers of generic medications, accounting for 20 percent of global supply by volume and meeting almost 60 percent of global vaccination demand. Antiretroviral drugs (used to fight AIDS) are also supplied by Indian pharmaceutical businesses in 80 percent of overseas markets.

The current epidemic has increased in healthcare centers, as a result of which new and traditional pharmaceutical companies in India have responded to society’s tremendous need.

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By 2023, the global medical industry is expected to reach USD 1.5 trillion. In the global pharmaceutical market, India plays a critical role. India meets more than half of the global demand for various vaccinations and 40% of the market for generic goods in the US.

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Some of the major Pharmaceuticals companies of India are:-

  1. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd
image2 10 - Top Pharmaceuticals Companies of India

Sun Pharmaceuticals is one of the most renowned names in the Indian medical industry. Their products are oriented around various pharma solutions as well as medicinal ingredients. Their market is spread across both India and Us, which early gave them a total revenue of around 30,000 crores. 

The company was started in 1983, and the founder of this company is Dilip Shanghvi. Their wide variety of products have been incredibly beneficial among various medical fields such as neurology, cardiology, psychiatry, and diabetology.

  1. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is a worldwide pharmaceutical company based in India. In India and overseas, the company manufactures and offers a wide range of medications. More than 60 APIs towards drug manufacturing, 190 medicines, biotechnology goods, monitoring kits, and critical care are among some of the company’s offerings.

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The company operates seven manufacturing units in India. In 1992, the corporation made its first foray into Russia and extended its activities there.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories had even conducted the medical trials and evaluations of the famous Russian vaccine against COVID-19, Sputnik V. And following the successful results of their clinical trials, they will provide around 100 million vaccines.

  1. Divis Laboratories

The products of Divis Laboratories revolve around producing APIs, and they also export various clinical ingredients to other countries.

This company was founded in 1990, and the founder of this company is Murali Divi. Divi Laboratories is one of India’s leading pharmaceutical enterprises. Their production facilities are equipped with two manufacturing systems.

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Moreover, they have three production facilities as well as four R and D facilities.

Divi’s Labs is one of the newest companies on the list of top pharmaceutical companies. The products are exported to countries such as South Africa, the United States, Japan, Europe, the Philippines, and Australia.

  1. Cipla

Cipla is a renowned global pharmaceutical company dedicated to producing high-quality generic pharmaceuticals. Healthcare experts, as well as people all across the world, rely on their manufacturing expertise. This company was founded in 1935, and the founder of this company is Khwaja Abdul Hamid.

The company sells a wide range of pharmaceuticals and their ingredients are always of premium quality which includes lab tested ingredients, high quality plastic injection mold, etc.

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 The company has a strong presence in both the Indian and international markets. This pharmaceutical company serves more than 150 nations. Moreover, this company has won various awards and has gained significant recognition around the globe for the excellent quality of its products.

The company has increased its global focus by making its presence especially more vital in various essential markets such as South Africa.

India, and the United States.

  1. Aurobindo Pharma

Aurobindo Pharma was founded in 1986, and the founder of this company is P. V. Ramprasad Reddy, K. Nityananda Reddy. At first, their products revolved around producing penicillin for their clients. 

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In 1992, the company was listed on the stock exchange. The company has a foothold in major therapeutic areas such as cardiology, neurology, antibiotics, gastrology, diabetology, and so on, in addition to Synthetic Penicillins.

The company exports its goods to over 150 countries throughout the world. Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals has well-equipped facilities for manufacturing, research as well as development.

The items offered by this organization are both practical and cost-efficient, and they are of excellent standards. And this consistency of superior quality of their products has considerably increased their demands in recent years.

  1. Torrent Pharma

Torrent Pharma was a pioneer in India in introducing the concept of specialized marketing. It is now one of the top companies in the therapeutic sectors of the central nervous system, women’s, healthcare, cardiology, and also curing gastric disorders.

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Torrent Pharma was founded in 1959, and the founder of this company is Uttambhai Nathalal Mehta. In addition, the company has a strong presence in the fields of diabetology, cancer, gynecology, pain-relieving drugs, and medicines for curing infections.

They have world-class manufacturing technologies, cutting-edge research and development facilities, a vast domestic network, and a global presence in around 40 countries. They have collaborated with various renowned pharmaceutical companies around the globe.

  1. Lupin

Lupin is a global medical manufacturing firm that entails a wide variety of medical solutions revolving around biotechnology, APIs, diabetology, etc. Manufacturing locations for the corporation are located in Brazil, India, Japan, the United States, and Mexico.

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 Lupin was founded in 1968, and the founder of this company is Desh Bandhu Gupta. In addition, the company is a market leader in the Anti-TB and Cephalosporins industries on a global scale. 

The company serves more than 100 nations. It provides high-quality, low-cost drugs for some of the world’s most problematic illnesses and meets the demands and requirements of various parts across the globe.

  1. Alken

The Alkem pharmaceutical company has a certain level of dominance in some of the critical markets globally, such as India, Brazil, the US, etc. Their high-quality products have managed to create various dedicated clients over the years.

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For the past 15 years, the company has been ranked among India’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies in terms of local sales, with a comprehensive portfolio of around 750 medicinal products covering all main therapeutic areas and having a stronghold over the Indian medical market.

Alkem Laboratories has been regarded as India’s top Anti-infective firm for over ten years. They rank among the top pharmaceutical businesses in the therapeutic areas of minerals, gastroenterology, vitamins, and nutrition, and pain treatment.

Final Thoughts

India is extensively known for its medicinal brilliance across the globe. Moreover, various countries are presently dependent on India for their medical ingredients. The medical industry of India has a vast potential to grow across the next few decades.

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