Gaming keyboards are everything a gamer needs to be at their best. They have a lot of features that regular keyboards don’t have, but what are the essential features to look for when buying one? Razers gaming keyboards have some of the best features around, such as backlight and macros. They’re also very durable, so they won’t break easily if you’re rough with them.


  1. Switches

One of the most important factors to look for when it comes to buying a keyboard is what type of switches it has. There are several different types, but two major ones: Cherry MX and Razer Green. The Cherry MX switches are tactile and audible, meaning that they are clicky; this means that they will make a sound when you press them down. Razer Green switches are what’s called linear, which means that they don’t make any sound when you press them.

  1. Backlight

This is a really cool feature that you really never see outside of gaming keyboards. Most regular keyboards don’t have a backlight, but Razers gaming keyboards do. The backlight is usually RGB, meaning that it can display pretty much every color imaginable, unlike some cheap mechanical keyboards with single-color backlighting. If you want to see what the entire color spectrum looks like on your keyboard, go to a checkout page and click around on the different colors in the price tables; they’ll change based on which one you hover over.

  1. Customizable Keys

Gaming keyboards usually let you change out the keycaps with the ones the keyboard comes with, so you can put different characters on them. This is a huge benefit over regular keyboards because if you’re trying to play a game where one button does more than one thing, having that character on it can come in very handy. For example, if there’s a button that pulls up your in-game map and inventory space in an RPG and you have something printed on it like [MAP], then all you have to do is press that button and look at it instead of pressing multiple buttons at once to use those things. This allows you to play games without taking your eyes off of your screen.
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  1. Number Pad

If you have a high FPS game, then you might want a number pad because you can’t always reach your WASD keys at the best times. A number pad will let you use those keys more easily, and this is especially helpful for games where there are multiple foes coming at you from behind or above. It also lets you type in math equations in some games that have text entry; this is extremely useful when playing strategy or first-person shooters.

  1. Macro Keys

You probably already know what macros are; they’re basically hotkeys that can be assigned to other buttons on the Razers gaming keyboards. For this reason, they’re extremely useful, especially when you’re trying to play a game where there are multiple actions that need to be performed in a short amount of time. The great thing about macros is that they can be done in almost any game; if your favorite FPS has enough space in the keybindings menu, then you can make macros for all of the different actions and combine them.

  1. Multimedia Keys

Some keyboards have multimedia keys that let you change the audio settings or volume on the keyboard itself. This is extremely useful when you’re playing a game because you probably won’t be able to reach your computer keyboard at all. This can also be useful in games with text entry boxes because you can use the keyboard to type in things like your username and password, or even math equations that you need for games like Civilization.

  1. Durability

Most gaming keyboards aren’t going to be extremely durable, but some are made from metal instead of plastic. This isn’t always the case, but if you look into it there are plenty of keyboards that are made from metal.

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