The app economy has changed everything as we know it. From its inception in 2007 with the Apple iPhone, and consequently the App Store, our lives have become much easier.


There are apps for everything, ranging from meditation to shopping, and everyone has their favorites. Nowadays, it’s inconceivable to not have apps at our fingertips, before just relying on websites and telephone numbers.


One of the most popular genres of apps is gaming. Over time different ones have proved a hit. From the classics like Temple Run to modern-day apps like PUBG, playing games on phones and tablets have become the norm. There are millions available, but if you’re looking for something fresh, take a look at the best new mobile games to try in 2022, with most being free.

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Some of the most played games in the world are now on mobile. Even the once exclusive Mario and Luigi games are available to play on smartphones like Mario Kart Tour. In addition, all the most popular titles, from Fortnite to Clash of Clans can be played via apps.


Nevertheless, apps are not just games. One genre that has taken over is food and grocery delivery. When the COVID pandemic occurred, it forced all stores to put their product catalogs on delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Bolt.


The process is simple, just select your restaurant, pick what you would like to order, and then someone will deliver it to your door. It’s such a contrast to before. Even in the noughties, when the internet was in its full swing, it was still common to call up your local pizza place to order.

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Another industry where apps have taken over is banking. Before, to send money you would have to go into a bank, fill out a form and pay huge fees to transfer funds. Yet, today fintech apps such as Wise and Revolut make the process simple. In addition, you are able to pay for goods or services on your phone using Apple Pay or Google Pay. The convenience is off the charts.


It’s fair to say that no industry has not been eaten up by the app economy. Small businesses even have the opportunity to make their own apps, often on Android for a small fee.

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Different apps are popular in different regions. For example, in the UK Amazon and eBay are the go-to apps for shopping whereas, in Thailand, the most popular app is Shopee. Nonetheless, in specific industries such as entertainment, apps like Netflix dominate globally.


Moreover, apps and VPNs have allowed people in specific parts of the world to access things they couldn’t before. For example, in Vietnam, the popular blogging website Medium is blocked by ISPs. But with a VPN, users can download the app and read and write content to their wishes.


Also, Vietnamese people do not have access to gambling websites. Once again with a VPN, and by using discrete banking methods players are able to wager on all major football competitions like the Champions League and the World Cup.

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For those looking for advice, comparison sites compare all the best bookmakers for online football betting. On the platform, you will find top-notch reviews on each operator, and you’ll be able to claim a juicy bonus.


Apps keep our day-to-day activities organized too. With a plethora of scheduling tools available, it’s never been easier to keep on top of things. In addition, note-taking is easy, and you are able to save and share them with colleagues or friends.


Most people today could not function without apps. One genre not mentioned is messaging. Before, we would have to text one another, but nowadays because of apps, we are always connected 24/7/365. Furthermore, most messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber allow users to make free phone calls, for free anywhere in the world.

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In the app economy, it’s difficult to see how it evolves. With the advent of VR technology, apps will be created in the Metaverse and will be just as useful as they are today. Then again, it may take years to come to fruition.


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