When putting the offshore wind turbines in place, fixing the foundation piles into the seabed is a tough cookie to crack. Not to worry,IQIP has come up with a simpler way to ease marine farm construction. Blue piling technology has brought a new dawn to save money, reduce maritime farm construction time, and reduce wind power costs. With blue piling technology, driving foundation piles of offshore wind turbines have been made easy and economical.

The new smart way of driving monopiles makes less noise while in action, which is a problem that is mainly encountered when driving monopiles into the seabed. Constructors must meet specific regulations requiring them to use a construction method with the least sound pollution to maximize marine time.Blue piling technology is the perfect dimension to head towards to meet the set regulations. But what happens during the blue piling process, and what are the benefits of it.

What Really Happens during the Blue Piling process?

There is a large water column inside the steel tube that is supported by a horizontal steel plate. The steel plate is used to place a combustion chamber. An injection of a gas mixture is done, followed by an ignition which increases the pressure that forces the water to be pushed upwards, falls back on the pile, and moves the pile downwards into the soil into the seabed. This procedure is done repeatedly until the pile reaches the desired depth.

Benefits of Blue Piling Technology

  •         Low underwater noise levels–The primary aim of this innovation is to keep up with the regulations set by maritime authorities that require farms to produce very little noise or none at all when companies install their wind turbines piles into the water. This is to protect marine life. The technology uses a large water volume to produce a gentle blow that results in a longer blow duration on the monopile leading to the vibration of the pile walls hence generating less underwater no9 Hiiise.
  •         Reduces fatigue–Very little manual power is needed to install piles into the seabed during the blue piling process. Technology takes care of the most details.
  •         Cost-efficient–Setting up an offshore wind farm is costly, especially putting the piles on the seabed. Blue piling technology is cost-efficient since water pressure energy drives them into the seabed.
  •         Protects marine life–Putting large piles into the seabed with less noise protects the marine life.
  •         Low-cost price–Due to the silent way blue piling technology drives piles into the seabed, expensive noise reduction equipment is no longer needed. This brings down the cost of installing wind turbine piles, which will bring down the cost of consumption at large.

Parting Shot

Maximum protection of marine life is a major concern while putting up a wind energy farm. Noise production underwater is the key problem to avoid while installing wind turbine piles on the seabed. Blue piling technology has taken care of all that. The blue piling technology can install even the largest piles with ease and with less noise.

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