Dreadlocks are among the oldest hairstyles because they have been around for decades. People prefer the hairdo because it is easy to style, lasts long, and protects your strands from damage. However, if you like changing hairstyles, dreads are not for you. 

Although you can hardly change the hairdo without chopping off your hair, there are many ways to style the locks. You don’t always have to hold it back or leave it in a boring state. Check out some dreadlocks styles to try before the year ends.

  • Irregular Strands

Dreadlocks look nice and cute when they grow past the stage where you can hold them into a ponytail. But what about before then? Rock your growing dreadlocks and let the irregular strands speak for themselves. It is already a style, so you don’t have to worry much about your hairdo. 

  • Dye The Tips
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Do you find your entirely black hair boring? Dye a blonde shade on the tips and tie them at the top. You can let the tips fall towards your face and look like a fringe. The hairdo will look credible on you. 

  • Afro Dreadlocks With A Fade

If you are looking for a fancy way to style your locks, the side fade is a perfect style. The stylist fades the neckline, sides, and sideburns and styles some strands to fall on your forehead. The dreadlocks look better when not waxed, so you can flaunt your growth. 


  • Colored Afro Locks

Which hair dye do you prefer? You can color your dreadlocks blonde, black, or any shade of your choice. Ask your stylist for an undercut and faded sides to add uniqueness to your style. Furthermore, the cuts make the dreadlock hairdo more noticeable. 

  • Long Dreadlocks
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You need length and volume to get this dreadlock hairdo. Besides, the longer the dreadlocks, the more maintenance you will need. Get your sides slightly tapered to maintain your hair’s volume and keep it thick and rugged. 

  • Man Bun For Dreadlocks

Retouched neat dreadlocks can be boring. If yours are long enough to hold at the center, use a hairband to pull the strands together. Ask your stylist to make an undercut taper and a mid-fade. There is no harm in being a little dramatic with some sharp lineups to make the hairdo more interesting. 

  • Threaded Top With Faded Temple

 People with thin dreadlocks have something to try on their hair, the threaded top dreadlock style. Your stylist will make the short and thin locks into box braids. The wearer then gets a fading undercut to make the beard and sideburns pop.

  • Undercut Dreads And Dyed Ends
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If your locks are long enough to be tied at the center, you can try this style. The stylist dyes the ends to add some shine to the dreads. They will also give you an undercut from almost the middle of your head. Choose a dye color of your choice for the ends. 

  • Dyed Dreadlocks And A Faded Temple

Your dreadlocks don’t have to be extra long to dye them. Choose your favorite hair color for the strands and dye your faded dreadlocks. Your stylist will then add a faded temple to make you stand out from the crowd. 

  • Side Swept Dreadlocks And An Undercut
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If you are tired of the bun hairstyles, try the side sweep. Pull your strands on the left or right side of your face using your hands and let them rest there. You can pair them with an undercut style that will only be visible on one side.

  • Shaggy Locks

Don’t you love the look of shaggy locks? It looks incredible and they are effortless to style and take care of. To achieve this style, let your dreadlocks grow for two to three months without maintaining them. You can style them by letting the strands fall on both sides of the face. 

  • Thick And Clean Locks
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This style is for people who like their hair clean and shining. You can even go to business meetings and boardrooms and attend your friend’s party later in the day. 




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