So, what basically is an Air track mat, also recognized as an air tumble track? In accordance with our research, the Air track name was first introduced by Air Track Factory, who were the first to produce these inflatable tumbling mats for home use.

To be quite certain, inflatable tracks for gymnasts have always existed, but they were only for expert use in large gyms and contests. To conclude, an air track is an inflatable tumbling track where the user can perform a variety of exercises, such as gymnastics and simple trampolining.

Whereas an air track has less ‘spring’ than a trampoline, it is still suitable with most bouncy castle exercises. Because unless you love gymnastics, you can also perform workouts on it.

It’s what makes the air track so appealing: it provides the individual with additional flexibility than the trampoline. In particular, they would like to try gymnastics exercises. Furthermore, while you may try gymnastics exercises on a trampoline, the air track is much more accurate and similar to the type of surface found inside an expert gym or in specialist competitions.

What factors must you take into account

There isn’t much to think about when purchasing an air track tumbling mat. Even so, the few who are there are quite significant:

1.The Size

The size of the air track is important since you’ll wish one that can fit in whichever area you’ll lay it out in as well as cater the kinds of exercises you’ll do on it.

Often these applications require at least 10 feet. If you know you’ll be doing more complex habits, go for a longer length.


Unique layer thickness must be chosen depending on the strength of the workouts. The greater the thickness of the tumbling mat, the greater its absorption capacity.

If you intend to do strenuous, repeated workouts on it, choose one with a strong absorption capacity.

3.Features and Accessories

The features and accessories that emerge with the tumbling mat also are crucial to take into account. For beginners, the majority of the best air track mats on the market also provide a free pump.

The cheaper ones will come with a free hand pump, whereas the more expensive ones will show up with a free electric air pump. This makes it simpler to inflate the tumbling track for workout.

The tumbling mat should be compact, which implies it ought to be simple to bend and reveal and small enough to bring around with you. It should also include incorporated handles and a robust and long-lasting suitcase.


This is the most obvious factor to consider. Tumbling mats cost vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The most important factor in deciding which model to purchase is finally your budget.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the more expensive ones are inclined to be of greater quality, and vice versa, so choose wisely and also don’t buy one that’s too cheap only to have problems within a few months.


Often these good tumbling mats on the market come with one-year or longer warranties. The best has warranties of two or more years. These are the individuals you must aim for.

Air Track Tumbling Mats- Where to Buy

If you want to purchase an Air Track Mat, go to Kameymall official site, the world’s most famous and biggest Air Track mat E-Commerce platform.

Kameymall carries a large selection of the best sturdy and gentle air track mats. They offer cutting-edge technology, foam cushions, and other ideal places to stay for large rooms with plenty of space.


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