Hair loss is common in men and women and can occur for several reasons, such as stress, medical conditions, and ageing. Our hair is what makes us individual, and if it begins to thin and fall out, it can leave us feeling self-conscious and have a negative impact on our mental health. However, there are ways that you can minimise the impact of hair loss and keep your locks healthy and strong. Below, we’ll discuss superfoods that are great for nourishing your hair. 

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  • Pumpkin seeds 
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One of the best superfoods for promoting hair growth is pumpkin seeds. If you’re looking to achieve a shiny, healthy head of hair – these seeds could be the answer! Pumpkin seeds are packed with a range of different vitamins, such as calcium, iron, and copper, as well as biotin and proteins which are key to strengthening and thickening for luscious, flowing locks. You can eat these seeds as they are to achieve naturally healthy and thick hair, or you can choose pumpkin seed oil that can be applied directly to the scalp for the same effect.

If you’re thinking about giving pumpkin seeds a try, you can add them to your diet by adding them to salads and soups, you can bake them into bread, or simply roast them and snack on them throughout the day – you don’t have to go overboard, a spoonful a day is enough. 

  • Cottage cheese
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Love it or hate it, if you’re looking to get healthy, strong hair, cottage cheese is something you should add to your daily diet. This superfood has two main components, casein, and whey – proteins both great for helping a dry scalp. Protein is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to hair loss – a protein-packed diet means saying goodbye to damaged and dry hair. As well as boasting high-quality proteins, cottage cheese also contains vital vitamins and amino acids that are essential for hair growth and maintenance. 

Cottage cheese comes with a huge range of health benefits too, as well as helping with hair growth, and it’s a food that you can add into your diet easily as a snack or you could try one of the many recipes online to make sure you’re benefitting from this superfood’s essential vitamins and minerals. 

  • Quinoa 
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This grain is becoming a popular health food around the world and can promote hair and scalp health. Just like cottage cheese, it is high in protein which means it can strengthen hair strands – you might have even noticed that quinoa is sometimes added to hair care products. Not only does this superfood give you strong hair, but it is also rich in vitamin E which is good for helping your body to produce natural oils, this means hair will stay gently moisturised, and you won’t have to worry about a flaky scalp! It also contains biotin which plays a huge part in hair growth. 

There are so many ways that you can add quinoa to your diet, you can add it to rice, salads, and curries to name a few. Soups and stews are also a great way to consume this superfood – you could also look out for hair products enriched with it!  

  • Broccoli 
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Simple and affordable, broccoli is not only good for our physical health but for our hair too! We all know that broccoli is packed with goodness, but the presence of vitamin A and C is essential when it comes to helping with hair loss. These vitamins help to produce sebum, which is exuded from the hair follicles and acts as a natural conditioner. Calcium, potassium, and iron are all components present in broccoli which help to promote the best environment for hair to thrive and grow. 

You can add broccoli to your diet with ease, but it must be raw. So, why not add it to salads? Or you could even snack on it throughout the day! 

  • Almonds 
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One of the most important superfoods for helping with hair loss is the almond. You’ll notice that a lot of hair products have almond extract added and for good reason! These nuts are packed full of ingredients that are good for you and your hair. They are rich in fatty acids, which means better blood flow to the scalp – a healthy scalp means a healthy head of hair and is a great place to start when you’re looking to promote hair growth. 

Almonds are hydrating, good news for anyone that suffers from a dry scalp. Three main components that make almonds a superfood for hair loss are magnesium, vitamin E and potassium. These vitamins and minerals contribute to healthy hair, as well as follicle growth to help strengthen your locks. 

The good news is that almonds can be consumed easily as a snack throughout the day, or you could use almond oil on your hair to benefit your scalp and follicles. 


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